8 Best Solo Travel Destinations In The U.S. For Summer 2023

8 Best Solo Travel Destinations In The U.S. For Summer 2023

Traveling solo has its own unique advantages that you can not experience when traveling with others. One of the main advantages is the freedom and flexibility to make spontaneous decisions without having to coordinate with others. Solo travel also offers the opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery, as it challenges individuals to step out of their comfort zone and face new situations independently. 

Traveling alone can also lead to meeting new people and making connections that might not have been possible in a group. In addition, solo travel allows for complete immersion in the local culture and customs, as travelers are more likely to interact with the locals and experience local traditions without any outside influence. Overall, traveling solo can be a liberating and rewarding experience that provides numerous opportunities for growth and discovery.

Find here the 8 best solo destinations in the U.S.:


Good for: The best country music.

Nashville is not just a place for honky-tonk enthusiasts. It’s also a destination for music lovers who want to immerse themselves in the rich history of country music. At the Country Music Hall of Fame, you can pay tribute to legendary figures like Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. Visitors can also explore RCA Studio B, where iconic artists like Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton recorded some of the most memorable country classics.

Sedona, Arizona

Good for: Nature lovers.

Sedona, Arizona, is a destination surrounded by breathtaking red rocks and canyons, making it one of the most beautiful places in the United States. It is an ideal place for those who want to spend time in nature. Whether you want to spend a quiet day at the picturesque Bell Rock or have a spiritual experience like a yoga hiking tour, Sedona has something for everyone.

Portland, Oregon

Good for: Exploring Nature 

Portland is surrounded by natural beauty with views of Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens and towering evergreen trees. Although the city is located in a valley, visitors can admire the breathtaking scenery from Powell Butte, which offers panoramic mountain views, or from the overlook behind Pittock Mansion, where the city and Mount Hood can be seen in the background.

San Diego

Good for: Beachgoers and history.

San Diego has many wonderful beaches, but it’s not just a beach destination. Balboa Park is one of the city’s main attractions. Here visitors will find world-famous attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Natural History Museum and the San Diego Air & Space Museum, as well as beautiful gardens and recreational spaces.

New Orleans

Good for: Music concerts.

If you choose to travel solo to New Orleans, you won’t feel lonely as there are many opportunities to interact with other tourists and locals. You can join a group walking tour to learn about the city’s history or mingle with people who share similar interests while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Bourbon Street. You can also make new friends while waiting in line for delicious beignets at Cafe du Monde.


Good for: Stellar music scene and food.

Austin, the capital of Texas, is famous for its barbecue, beautiful parks, and the largest urban bat colony in the world. One of the benefits of visiting Austin as a solo traveler is the opportunity to explore the various neighborhoods that offer a mix of food, drinks, and entertainment all in one place. There are also many outdoor activities such as hiking and water sports for those looking for an active adventure.


Good for: History lovers.

Boston is a perfect destination for solo travelers interested in history. With attractions like Fenway Park, Quincy Market and several museums, Boston has a lot to offer. The Freedom Trail, a walking tour of 16 sites that played an important role in the American Revolution, is a great way to experience Boston’s beginnings firsthand. Travelers can also explore Boston’s historic neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and the North End to delve deeper into the city’s history.

Asheville, North Carolina

Good for: outdoor enthusiasts.

Asheville is a paradise for those who love outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking. The city offers a “Hike Finder” to help visitors find the perfect trail to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains. Other options for outdoor activities include a paddle down the French Broad River or a stroll through shopping districts like the River Arts District or Biltmore Park.