New Airline To Offer Flights Between U.S. And Asia With Passengers Crypto Rewards

New Airline To Offer Flights Between U.S. And Asia With Passengers Crypto Rewards

The New North Pacific Airlines plans to offer long-haul low-cost flights between the US and Asia as well as reward passengers with Crypto coins.

Northern Pacific looks to offer pricing at 10 to 25 percent below current fares, in order to attract customers who would not normally pay a premium for a flight to Asia.

It will “serve cities in the states of New York, Florida, California, Texas and Nevada with direct flights to cities in Japan and Korea via Anchorage on the northern route.”

According to Rob McKinney, Chief Executive Officer of Northern Pacific and sister airline Ravn Alaska, his airline will be able to provide a more streamlined entry into the U.S. than airlines flying directly into the always overcrowded West Coast hubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

FlyCoin, a bold crypto-based loyalty program that allows travelers to earn crypto to invest, trade, or buy associated services such as travel vouchers or items at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, is the centerpiece of its marketing campaign.

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“The traditional world of travel rewards programs is ripe for change,” claims Lenny Moon, CEO of FlyCoin and CFO at Northern Pacific. “A cryptocurrency is the medium to reward our loyal customers for traveler participation, but not force their loyalty by constraining how they choose to redeem those rewards.”

Northern Pacific will have a fleet of 757-200 narrow-body planes, which are famed for their fuel efficiency and range.

Each aircraft will transport 200 passengers and offer “cutting-edge” inflight entertainment, such as the option for customers to stream using their personal Netflix accounts on their devices.

The airline also wants to make the Anchorage stop more than merely a stopover.

“The goal is to encourage people to spend a day or two here and go fishing for salmon, or take a sled dog ride on a glacier or just all kinds of things that you can only do here in Alaska,” said McKinney.

Although the intended flights are “subject to government approval,” the airline aims to begin serving customers in the autumn and expects to have at least 12 planes in the air by the end of 2022.