30 Best Companies With Open Remote Work Positions Now

30 Best Companies With Open Remote Work Positions Now

Working remotely has many advantages for both employees and employers. One of the most significant benefits is flexibility. Remote work allows employees to work more flexible hours, which can improve work-life balance and lower stress levels.

This flexibility also means that employees can work from anywhere, meaning they can move to a new city or even work from another country. For employers, remote work means they can tap into a global talent pool, which can help them find the best candidates for the job.

Another benefit of working remotely is increased productivity. Studies have shown that remote workers are often more productive than their office-based counterparts. Remote workers are less distracted, can focus on their work without interruptions, and have more control over their work environment.

It also reduces the time and cost of commuting, which can lead to less stress and more time for work or personal activities. Overall, the benefits of remote work make it an attractive option for both employees and employers.

Flexjobs crunched the numbers and identified the top 30 companies that posted the most location-independent jobs on their website between January 1, 2023, and April 15, 2023, that met the following requirements:

  • A position that allows for full remote work and has no geographical restrictions.
  • It is either full-time or part-time (but may offer a flexible or alternative schedule.)
  • It does not involve any office time.

Below are the 30 companies with the job postings for work-from-anywhere, ranked from highest to lowest volume. It is worth noting that seven companies marked with an asterisk (*) have historically had a high volume of work-from-anywhere job postings, providing a consistent source of job opportunities.

  1. FluentU*
  2. Finixio
  3. Magic Media & Entertainment Group
  4. Cash App
  5. Study.com*
  6. Kwalee
  7. Oyster HR
  8. Outliant*
  9. Invisible Technologies
  10. Hypixel Studios
  11. Verra
  12. Codeless
  13. Yodo1*
  14. DuckDuckGo
  15. Kraken
  16. Wikimedia Foundation*
  17. Carry1st
  18. AstroPay
  19. Chainlink Labs*
  20. Bitso
  21. Status Research & Development
  22. Xapo Bank
  23. Formstack
  24. Metabase
  25. Clipboard Health*
  26. Prisma Labs
  27. Mavan, Inc.
  28. Fathom Radiant
  29. Counterplay Games
  30. LeadSimple
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The industries with the highest number of work-from-anywhere job postings include:

  1. Marketing
  2. Writing
  3. Online Content
  4. Computer & IT
  5. Software Development
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Entertainment & Media
  8. Online Marketing
  9. Bilingual
  10. Gaming

The top three work-from-anywhere employment categories were marketing, online content creation, and writing, but there was significant growth in the gaming, entertainment, and media industries in the first quarter of 2023.

The most popular job titles include:

  1. Chinese Translator
  2. Copywriter
  3. Creative Director
  4. Customer Success Manager
  5. Product Designer
  6. Product Manager
  7. Social Media Manager
  8. Software Engineer
  9. Technical Writer
  10. UX Designer