Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

9 Best Hiking Shoes for FLAT FEET to Try in 2023 (TOP Picks!)

Hiking is fun, especially when you come along with friends and relatives. You can have more fun hiking when you have the right hiking gear. It’s always advisable you wear hiking gear when going on an outdoor adventure since they protect you from injuries in case of an accident.

Hiking footwear is one gear you should always carry along when going on trips in nature. You shouldn’t walk with your ordinary shoes since they may lack the necessary foot support mainly when climbing hills and mountains.

Ever felt discomfort on a hiking expedition because of cheap or ordinary shoes? Hiking boots provide sufficient support both to the foot and the ankle. They make sure your ankle doesn’t twist when you are walking. They will also protect your foot from blisters and injuries.

9 Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

At the end of this article, you will have acquainted yourself with the top six best hiking shoes for flat feet and their features. Without any further ado, let’s get sailing:

Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet to Try in 2023


  • Light-weight boot
  • Waterproof
  • Anatomical design
  • Available for men and women
  • Perfect choice for a hiker with flat feet!
Xcursion shoe for flat feet

One of the most popular hiking shoes for flat feet because of its adjustability! It’s an amazing product with HQ features.

Xcursion is designed with a focus on detail and high flexibility for your feet.

The material is super adjustable and designed to absorb feedback from the ground with ease. You will be definitely able to hike for more time!

XEROSHOES is an excellent brand of hiking footwear with years of experience and plenty of happy customers in the US and all around the world.

2. Skechers Men’s Pelmo Boots

  • They are waterproof
  • Come in various sizes
  • They have a soft fabric boot lining
  • They have a relaxed fit
  • A wide variety of colors are available
  • Aren’t fit for children

The Pelmo boots have a unique design that has a relaxed foot. These boots are ideal for men when going out hiking. This boot can be worn in any terrain, primarily in wet and muddy terrain because of its waterproof feature.

It is a suede boot made with a mesh fabric and a lace-up ankle height making it comfortable when worn. It also has a durable foam insole. The Skechers Men’s pelmo boot has a shock-absorbing midsole, which enhances your safety.

The boots come in various sizes and thus can fit a wide variety of users. Its 11/2-inch heel makes the boot favorable for climbing hills and mountains. The pelmo boot also has a flexible outsole, which has high traction.

3. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Shoes

  • Has a rubber outer sole to enhance grip in various terrains
  • Has a wide variety of sizes to choose from
  • They are waterproof
  • They are lightweight boots
  • They have enhanced comfort

The Columbia boot is classic footwear, mainly to accommodate women. It has a stylish look that is inspired by vintage mountaineering boots. They are suede boots. These particular boots are lightweight, making them favorable for hiking.

Columbia women’s boots are equipped with grippy rubber outer soles. The outer soles ensure you have stability while walking on rocks, gravel, grass, and roots. These boots provide you with comfort while hiking. They are suitable for harsh terrains.

This particular boot is made of a suede material on the outside. It also has a touch of leather combined with mesh. Techlite material is used on the midsole and not forgetting rubber, which makes the outer sole. The boots come in various sizes, even to accommodate young girls who are hiking.

4. Salomon Leather Men Boots

  • They are waterproof
  • Various sizes are available
  • It has an outer rubber sole to provide a better grip
  • The boots have a high durability level
Salomon Men's GORE-TEX Boots for Flat Feet

These are yet another type of hiking boots. Quality leather has been used in the manufacturing of boots. Generally, the boots have a classical look. Unlike other boots, the Salmon boots have a high durability level.

The boots have an internal Sensifit system, which ensures the shoe perfectly fits on your foot. The heel strap fitted on the boots ensures you are comfortable while wearing the shoes.

The boots have a breathable feature, which is an added advantage to the comfort it offers. The salmon men’s boots are waterproof, making them ideal for watery or muddy terrains. Salmon boots have various sizes to accommodate any man’s foot.

Salmon boots are fitted with outer rubber soles, which enhances grip on various terrains. These shoes have an underfoot chassis that enhances motion control and provides stability. The boots have a high responsive stride.

They are generally lace-up boots. Its midsole is made of EVA material. The boot’s upper part is made of a waterproof split suede, not forgetting the stretch air mesh. One pair measures approximately 2 lbs.

5. Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Shoe

  • They are light
  • The shoes absorb shock
  • Equipped with foam tongues that keep the shoe moisture-free
  • The shoes have limited sizes
Best Minimalist Hiking Boots

The Merrell Moab 2 shoes may seem like a typical shoe, but the shoe has a lot more to offer. The Merrell Moab 2 is a minimalist hiking shoe mainly designed for those people who may love to go hiking without wearing hiking boots. This particular shoe has a high performance.

It is made of leather and mesh uppers with rubber caps and a breathable mesh lining. The manufacturer uses high-quality suede to enhance the quality of these shoes. What about the molded nylon? It increases your stability while wearing the shoe.

The Merrell shoe absorbs shock by the use of an air cushion fitted on the heels. For those seeking ultimate comfort, the Eva midsoles do that. The foam tongues ensure no moisture and debris gets into the shoe. The shoe is generally the lace-up type. And the outer sole? It is made of Vibram rubber.

It has an enhanced grip, which makes the shoe suitable for various terrains. Compared to other boots, the Merrell Moab 2 shoes weigh approximately 1 lb. Per pair. The shoes have a limited size, and they are suitable for men who can wear a size seven shoes.

6. Dunham Cloud Men’s Waterproof Boot

  • They are made of a waterproof material
  • The durability level is high
  • Offers exceptional stability and grip
  • They aren’t unisex hiking shoes

This boot is ideal for hiking. The Dunham boot is perfect for any adventure, mainly during the weekends. It has a speed lace system which ensures the laces are intact. The shoe has an elegant and attractive design.

The Dunham company has a record of producing footwear that has exemplary performance. This particular shoe has TRU-TRAK outsoles that enhance a better grip for various terrains. The fiberglass lace closure technology has improved the stability of the shoe.

This hiking boot has a waterproof material to ensure your foot doesn’t get wet while wearing the shoe. Leather incorporated with suede has been used to manufacture this classic boot. Memory Foam and EVA material have been used to enhance the resistance of construction slip.

Dunham cloud boot is an ideal boot to be worn even during the winter season. Hikers prefer it because it offers exceptional stability and grip. The boots are available in various sizes.

7. Salomon Men’s X Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

  • Lightweight
  • The boots have a waterproof material
  • They have a breathable lining that enhances comfort
  • The durability level is high
  • They are shock-resistant
  • They aren’t unisex boots

The salmon X ultra mid-winter hiking boots have a bottom unit comprising an agile chassis that will enhance the Contagrip traction. The X ultra boots can be used as hiking boots and as winter shoes because they provide insulation for cold and snowy conditions.

A regular lacing system is incorporated in the X ultra boots. The boots have a waterproof material that ensures your feet don’t get wet while wearing the shoes. They are lightweight, and thus ideal for the winter season.

Thinsulate insulation technology has been incorporated into the boots. The insulation feature is recommended for hiking boots since the wearer will generate a lot of body heat that will be retained in the shoes, making them suitable for cold seasons.

EVA foam has also been added to the boots to offer shock protection. An advanced chassis is placed in between the midsole and the outer sole. What’s its purpose? The chassis enhances stability and a better grip. The X ultra boots are made of a breathable lining that enhances your comfort.
They are ideal hiking boots that you can consider purchasing.

8. Timberland Men’s Waterproof Ankle Boots

  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Premium full-grain waterproof leather uppers, 
  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction
  • Rustproof speed lace hardware

This best-selling hiking boot is completely waterproof and durable. When it comes to rugged winter hikes, these Timberland White Ledge boots deliver.

For less foot, knee, and back pain, you’ll appreciate the excellent grip, good ankle support, and well-supported arches.

Available in a variety of colors. These boots are built to last thanks to high-quality materials, rust-resistant hardware, waterproof lacing, and sealed seams.

Timberland also supplies the gear you need for all of your outdoor experiences, including outdoor jackets and coats, backpacks and luggage, and outdoor accessories.

9. Nortiv 8 Low Rise Waterproof Hiking Shoes – the most affordable ones

  • Waterproof
  • Come in various styles (men’s/women’s/low rise/ankle)
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely comfortable and supportive
  • Sensible price and yet durable

If you’re looking for budget-friendly yet quality hiking shoes for weekend walks and occasional hikes, Nortiv 8 is a great fit.

They are made of durable material and feature comfortable cushioning that prevents you from shocks. The heels are reinforced and give your ankles more protection, while the removable flexible insole offers arch support. What’s more, the outer membrane is waterproof and the rubber soles provide a good, anti-slip grip.

They come in a couple of different earth colors – black, brown, and army green – and you can choose from both low-rise and ankle-high versions. They also have women’s models.

If you decide to go for them, make sure you order a half-size bigger, especially if you’re planning to hike in spring and fall with thicker socks.

Benefits of wearing hiking shoes

Well, it is highly advisable to wear hiking shoes when going on adventures. Hiking shoes have an extensive heterogeneity of benefits compared to regular footwear. Some of the benefits of hiking shoes include the following.

Adequate support

Hiking shoes support both your foot and ankle, mainly when walking in rocky and hilly areas. These shoes prevent your ankle and foot from twisting. Wearing hiking shoes will also protect your foot from possible blisters

Enhanced comfort

Regular footwear may not provide you with the ideal comfort you require when you are hiking. Hiking shoes have enhanced comfort, mainly when you are walking in hilly areas. Besides, they can withstand tough terrains.
Walking in muddy areas with regular shoes may be difficult because they don’t have a firm grip. Hiking shoes have an enhanced grip that makes them ideal for harsh terrains.


Hiking shoes are vital when hiking or even when going for an adventure. Unlike regular footwear, hiking shoes have enhanced stability and grip, making them ideal for harsh terrains. You are also assured of comfort while wearing hiking shoes.

Some hiking boots can also be worn during the winter season since they have insulation material. The durability level of these boots is too high. The next time you are hiking, carry hiking shoes and you and you will have an excellent experience.

Select one of the top 6 brands of hiking shoes to get value for money. Hiking has never been pleasurable when you’ve got the right shoes. Enjoy your hiking adventure.